Gold-plated woven chain bracelet
Gold-plated woven chain bracelet

Gold-plated woven chain bracelet

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This beautiful 18k gold-plated woven chain bracelet is such a stunning piece.

Chunky, yet feminine it's a modern piece with a cool, classic feel.

Gorgeous on its own, it also looks beautiful layered with other bangles or bracelets.

Made from 18k gold-plated metal, it's amazing quality and looks fabulous on. Presented in a gorgeous box, it also makes a fantastic present.

Metal: 18k gold plated brass
Chain Length: 19cm including clasp.

Jewellery Care Guide

I recommend removing bracelets when showering or swimming because water and chemicals (especially chlorine) can affect the longevity of the gold plating, encourage silver to tarnish and dull gemstones. Always apply make-up, hair spray, perfume, moisturiser etc before putting your jewellery on as the chemicals in these can affect the jewellery.

To clean your jewellery and restore its shine, use a clean, soft and dry 100% cotton or microfibre cloth to gently wipe the surface. Do not use a polishing agent or abrasive compounds as using these will wear away the layers of gold. Take care to store your jewellery separately so that it does not get damaged or scratched by other pieces. If possible store your jewellery in its original box, to help prevent tarnishing.